Mostly I paint in acrylic.  The matt effect suits my usual subject matter.  It can be frustrating when high gloss is required - especially as acrylic shines when wet. But oils take so long to dry and so long to clean up - I don't have the patience for them.  

I like to work quickly, totally absorbed in my work.  With acrylic, if something doesn't look right you can overpaint it minutes later.  This means the painting flows and changes on the canvas.  I find that more creative than having to plan everything carefully beforehand, or having to wait for a layer to dry before adding another.

Another aspect I like about acrylic is the glazing effect where transparent layers of colour can be laid one on top of another.  Acrylic is waterproof when dry, so layers can be built up quickly.


Landscapes draw us out of our self-preoccupations to look at the wider picture.  Nothing created out of the human soul can match the inherent beauty and power of  a stormy sky, the subtle atmospheres of a sunset, or the rolling majesty of hills and mountains.

Still lifes work the same way but attract us to detail.  Sometimes our view of life is too simplistic.  We assume, instead of looking closely at the reality.

Abstract has always fascinated me.  A line on its own can imply character and meaning.  It doesn't need to define a form.  A line can look angry, busy, calm.  It can evoke depth.  It can appear taught, or relaxed, accelerated or languid.  If that is true of one line, then a painting doesn't need a subject to convey something.  It can be interesting and communicative in its own right.  My interest in the language of line, shape and colour has, I think, improved my more traditional work.


I'm not one for being predictable.  In art, and in music, I enjoy the full range.  The paintings on this site are mostly of a representational, traditional style.  But I am as much at home creating images in other styles.  Cubism particularly influenced me at one stage.

Favourite Artists

Rembrandt for his thick layers of paint and rich colours lavished on the canvas

Giacometti for his drawings which I like much better than those tall thin sculpures.